5th Annual John Prine Night At The French Co. Grocer in Marathon, TX

Sweet Revenge 5th Annual John Prine Night in Marathon, TX Poster, illustrated by Taylor Rushing

High quality screen prints of this excellent poster, created by artist Taylor Rushing, will be available for purchase at the event. Let us know you're interested in purchasing one by hitting the button below.


John Prine Night is an annual gathering at The French Co. Grocer in Marathon, TX to celebrate the life, music, and spirit of John Prine. This event is not affiliated with the Prine family, although we’d more than welcome them all any time. Hosted by Sam Stavinoha, the owner and proprietor of The French Co. Grocer, and emceed by artist and lunatic M. Walker, the event occurs each October on the weekend nearest to Prine’s birthday (October 10). Each year features a new theme based on lyrics, song titles, album titles, or stuff John Prine enjoyed (like Christmas and hot dogs). We feature delicious and made-to-order food, libations, performance art, music, and surprises that delight the senses.Join us October 12, 2024 for our 5th annual celebration of the saintly and hot-dog loving Mr. John Prine, themed "Sweet Revenge" after his 1973 album of the same name.

More Info:
John Prine Night is a free event, no tickets needed. There will be plenty of delicious food and beverage for purchase from The French Co. team so bring your appetite. Please also consider donating to the Prine family's foundation, The Hello In There Foundation. Show up to The French Co around supper time and you'll find us there. Marathon's not a big town so it'll be pretty hard to miss.

M. Walker blowing up a TV at John Prine night Marathon, TX


Want To Perform?

Each year, we welcome performers to join in the festivities and pick/sing their favorite John Prine songs during the event dinner and into the night. And each and every year our performers blow us away with their talent and charm. If you want to come play, we welcome you! Of course, we can't have 6 versions of Angel From Montgomery no matter how badly everyone wants to play it so there's a sign up process and it's first come, first serve. This means you may not get the exact song you wanted. But there's never been a better time to dig into his catalogue and learn something new. Check out the sign up form below and reach out to [email protected] with any questions.


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Sweet Revenge 5th Annual John Prine Night in Marathon, TX Poster, illustrated by Taylor Rushing
Sweet Revenge 5th Annual John Prine Night in Marathon, TX Poster, illustrated by Taylor Rushing


About Sam Stavinoha & M. Walker

Sam Stavinoha and M. Walker began their creative endeavors together in the four confining walls of the Texas State University robotics laboratory in San Marcos, TX. It was there, under the tutelage of Dr. Heping Chen, that they dreamed up a 30 page scavenger hunt that would be entirely done on bicycles. They printed flyers, took to the message boards, and the teams assembled themselves for an absolute chaotic sprawling mess unleashed in the dive bars and grocery stores of San Marcos. At the after party, the fabled Green Mountain Grass played bluegrass into the night as hundreds of tired and happy scavengers ate brisket and danced and took outdoor showers at their leisure. As the years have gone by, their shenanigans have expanded to new absurd horizons, such as mad-dash naked canoe races on various Texas rivers (catch me if you can Comal County sheriff's dept.), welding giant 20-person steel slurping bowls for chili cooking competitions, and the annual John Prine Night.

Drawing of John Prine with his guitar and a hot dog.